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For an initial consultation, at no obligation, call us at 708-383-4038.

Marketing Interns

We have received many resumes from candidates who are looking for a 3 month internship with employment potential.

The benefit of hiring an intern is that we at Sales Directors, train them. We have a five-touch awareness program to warm up decision makers with your current accounts, in active accounts, and new account prospects. This program provides vital support to your sales people!

Our process changes the climate from a "cold call" to a "new account call." This system is much smoother for sales people to make a polished, professional face-to-face meeting.

These interns also handle much of the marketing "legwork" that sales people do not have time to do. Such an insignificant cost on a very valuable return! If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity please email or call us at 708-383-4038 to set up an appointment.

Sales and Marketing Planning

Sales Directors will help you:
- identify your most marketable products and services;
- identify your most profitable clients;
- design and implement an effective sales and marketing effort.

Recruiting, Placement and Training

We will organize the task of hiring reps, managers and CEOs. Between the time we place a help wanted ad and the final interview (you make the hiring decision), we will:
- screen, interview and check references;
- develop attitude and psychological profiles;
- recommend applicants who best fit you.

Between searches, Sales Directors maintains contact with qualified applicants.

Once your sales force is hired, Sales Directors will train them. This may include:
- training sessions (your place or ours);
- field instruction and evaluation;
- seminars for follow-up training;
- consulting with management;

Sales Management and Promotion

Sales Directors will help you unlock and develop your sales department's potential. We will help you:
- form and evaluate your business and sales plan;
- plan and conduct sales meetings;
- track sales performance, including time and territory management; and;
- create sales promotion programs and materials.

When our job is done, we leave you with all the tools to keep your sales, profits, and your company in shape to grow and prosper.