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Sales Directors Breakfast Club Series
presented by the Printing Industry of Illinois


Learn powerful sales skills, practice techniques, and exercise your sales muscles to become a powerhouse of print and graphic arts sales.

This is not just a seminar! You won't just listen and leave! The Breakfast Club is a series of 5 HANDS ON workshops, which includes personal coaching between each session. You will learn, practice, execute your new ideas and then come back the next week for a review and the next step! With all five steps you'll be a PRO. This is for active sales people. Owners and sales managers will also find this very useful, but must come prepared to actively participate in the workshop.

The PII Breakfast Club Menu

And you will, too, as you learn to turn voice mail into your marketing tool.
You will receive a tried and tested 5 hit voice mail script that:

- Lets you inform the client of your "unique competence"
- Directs their attention to your letter of introduction
- Creates interest in your company
- Promotes the "benefits" of working with your company
- Develops a series of useful action steps that will advance the sales process

Get voice mail on YOUR side! Practice for telephone sales success!

Tired of cold calls? Then stop making them! Gathering information should be fast, easy, pleasant and totally without stress for your new prospect.

- Learn to do Internet research to pre-qualify a "suspect"
- Find out who you must see: for high level meetings, for creative planning,
    for final decisions
- Personalize the selling points for each prospect's business
- Get a look at their printed materials
- Tailor your presentation for each of the top three people you must see
    to be successful
- Look and listen to yourself as you conduct this crucial sales step

It's not so much what you say, but what you MUST NOT SAY if you want to gather useful information. Come learn how you are slamming the door in your own face when you approach new prospects.

Discovering the people who can say YES, and what they want to talk about. Discuss the 'overall picture,' the 'future plans', and form an 'alliance' with owners, VP's, and managers. Show them how both firms can benefit far beyond an individual print job. Come learn to:

- Understand the marketing needs of business prospects
- Determine who truly needs and uses your services
- Write letters, e-mails, & faxes that impress your prospect
- Identify and verbalize the BENEFITS the owner is looking for
- Build a powerful position for you & your company

Play ball! When the objections come do you run away? Argue? Talk too much?
Make things worse? Let's learn to play this game. You will practice responding to:

- The top objections to setting an appointment
- Attempts to send you away empty-handed
- An opportunity to negotiate
- Problems and difficulties you encounter regularly

You have one meeting, one chance to get "on board" with this client. Prepare! Practice! Know what you want to achieve! You will receive a meeting preparation work sheet to help as you:

- Research your "fact/question" technique
- Get the information YOU need to sell this client
- Find agreement to move ahead with this client
- Present the 'benefits' that will convince this client
- Propose a future strategic working relationship
- Participate in practice sessions with role-players in various capacities. You will
    learn to focus, save time, and stay out of trouble so you get to come back again
    and do business.

Sales skills development requires trial, error, adjustment, review, practice, repetition, and time.

About the Breakfast Club
For over 30 years, Sales Directors in Oak Park, IL has been the preeminent graphic arts sales training company in the U.S. With 4 published books, hundreds of industry seminars, and thousands of students, Doug Wyman and Linda Stanley know the Graphic Arts Business. Sales Directors interviews, trains, and places sales people in progressive Graphic Arts companies throughout the U.S.

Attendees say...

o I Love Voice Mail
"I got V.M. actions I can start using TODAY! Excellent instructor! Fun!"

o No More Cold Calls
"New, fresh ways to approach prospects. Great motivational system."

o Calling at High Levels
"I now understand my prospect! Strategic thinking, planning!"

o Overcoming Objections
"It works! Amazing training from real pros!"

o The Perfect 20 Minute Interview
"Teaches me to focus on the language of 'value' & 'benefits.' I can relax and listen to my customers now!"